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Hospitality Career Focus is an online career resource for prospective, experienced and seasoned hospitality professionals. Managed by professionals who are in hospitality business for many years, we offer information and advice on how to start a career in hospitality industry, choosing the right schools, programs and courses.

Recognizing that in any profession, personal and professional growth and learning are essentials, so we also offer information and resources for experienced and seasoned hospitality professionals on continuing education, industry trainings and short courses for personal and career development.

We understand that for some, reading career advice and information online is not enough, so we offer access to personalized career help through resume consulting/writing, career coaching and planning.


Encourage and inspire prospective and experienced hospitality professionals to take charge of their life and careers, and to pursue professional and personal growth through relevant genuine information, career advice and stories of success.


To be the leading online career resources for hospitality industry.


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Prospective hospitality students

Hospitality Career Focus is not affiliated (otherwise specified) with hospitality schools listed on this website. According to surveys, these are the leading hospitality schools that you may want to consider when starting your hospitality career. Of course, these schools are not the only leading hospitality schools across the globe or in your area. Do your research and ask questions to find the right school before committing your time and money. Please read (Hospitality Management Schools and Programs) for more information about finding the right school and programs. However, If you are not sure if hospitality career is right for you, we can help.

Hospitality Schools

For hospitality schools listed on this website –  if you wish to be remove from the list or instead prefer to add more information and changes, please contact us. Also, we try to update our information as much as we can to help our readers and subscribers, please alert us if there are erroneous and outdated information listed.

For reputable schools who wish to be listed on this website please contact us. We list hospitality schools for free.

Hospitality Career Resources

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