If you are interested in studying Spa Management, there several schools/universities everywhere that you can choose from. Of course, you may have ideas what to expect after finishing this course. However, if you are not sure if this is right for you. We will cover the following questions that you may have: What exactly is […]

Hospitality jobs are competitive and if you want to have an advantage in the job market as sommelier, having a sommelier certification will get you ahead. To get a certification, you need to have an intensive training from reputable schools or organizations. Being a sommelier is an interesting profession; also known as wine waiter, a […]

There are hundreds if not thousands of hospitality management schools and programs out there and sometimes it’s confusing which one to choose. Programs are usually offered in graduate and undergraduate levels, from associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree through hospitality and business departments in universities, colleges or hospitality management schools. How to find the Best Hospitality […]

The food and beverage industry continue to grow year after year and there is no stopping it. The industry needs more qualified and experienced leaders to successfully run the business and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In this industry, customer satisfaction is the life-blood of the business. Although some Food and Beverage Managers thrive and […]

Finding the right school and program to help fuel your passion for culinary arts can be a daunting and difficult task. But don’t let this stop you from reaching your culinary dreams of becoming a top chef, le cordon bleu chef, food and beverage director or nutritional consultant in the hospitality industry. Programs are usually […]

There are many definitions/job description of Concierge, depending on where you work. However, one thing is universal, a concierge is someone who personally assists guests with any kinds of requests with guests’ satisfaction as the end goal.  For example, a concierge who works in a hotel may assists guests from booking tickets to the local […]

If you are looking for bartender schools to gain formal skills; the good news is, there are many bartending schools most probably near you. Although formal education is not required to become a bartender, but attending school has its own advantages. Skilled bartenders acquire their skills by attending classes through local schools, or bartending classes […]