There are many definitions/job description of Concierge, depending on where you work. However, one thing is universal, a concierge is someone who personally assists guests with any kinds of requests with guests’ satisfaction as the end goal.  For example, a concierge who works in a hotel may assists guests from booking tickets to the local theatre, local tour attractions, find out dentists’ services in the area, find out the best restaurants, where to go for shopping, finding local delicacies to assisting guests who lost their luggage and more.

Assisting guests in timely and efficient manner is sometimes difficult and may put a concierge under pressure. To thrive in this career, you should be someone who find fulfillment in solving other peoples’ problems, passionate in providing the best services to guests, has excellent ability to multitask, impeccable attention to details and like to work in a fast pace environment.

Concierge Training and Courses

Whatever your goal is, either to become the best and efficient concierge or get promoted, it is possible through concierge training courses. Many experienced and seasoned hospitality professionals start their career as Concierge.

There are several paths to be a professional concierge: a.) high school diploma and specific concierge training courses to gain a certificate, b.) associate degree in hospitality management or tourism, c.) bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or Tourism, or hotel administration.

Online Concierge Training and Courses

For students who wants flexibility, there are online concierge training available to gain certificates. However, be wary of programs offered by not so reputable schools/organization. Sometimes these schools only provide you with materials without support.

When choosing a concierge training program/course online and on campus, make sure the organizations or the schools offering the program are reputable. You may ask the following questions during your inquiry:

What are the admission requirements?

What are specific subjects the program/training covers?

What is the tuition cost and other fees?

Is the program and school accredited?

Is the program requiring internship to finish, if so, how many hours?

What support is offered while I am with the program?

Do you provide assistance in finding me a job after finishing the program/training?

How many numbers of graduates in the program/course are now in the workforce?

Job Prospects and Salary

According to, since 2004, there has been an increase by 13.5% in United States with an average growth of of 2.25%. According to, concierge can expect average of $13.00 per hour or an average of $20,994 – $41,424 with bonus and commission.

Recently, hotels located in metropolitan areas in United States outsourced their concierge services. This means that in due time you can open your own concierge services as well and earn unlimited income.