Why is it important for you have an excellent resume? Although, resume is not the only integral part during your job search, but it’s very important part nonetheless, because your resume has the power to open or close job opportunities for you.

As someone who used to work as Human Resources Manager for hospitality industry and at some point in my career heavily involve in recruitment process, I’ve seen and reviewed hundreds if not thousands of resumes. With my experience, just by looking at one resume for few seconds, I would know right away if what I have in hand is an excellent or poorly written resume. I’m certain it is the same with other Hiring Managers, Recruitment Managers and Human Resources Managers whom you will send your resumes during your job search. Due to the number of resumes these individuals received on a daily basis, you do not want them to have any reason to eliminate your resume from the competitions.

Resume should not be just a written compilation of your qualification such as, education, work experience, skills, strengths and accomplishments. Your resume should be your marketing tool to prospective employers. Think of yourself as promoter and salesperson of yourself. As a marketing tool, your resume should reflect who you are and what you can do to your employers. It should have concise information, it grabs attention, sells your strengths and accomplishments but most importantly, it should show your fit for the job you are applying. Sometimes you have to tailor your resume for specific jobs, highlighting your transferable skills. For example, in certain organizations it may appear that Human Resources Manager and Recruitment Manager have related duties and responsibilities, however, they are quite different. So, if you are a Human Resources Manager who wants to go for Recruitment Manager job, you may want to have a resume highlighting your previous experience in recruitment, your transferable skills and strengths, and vice versa.

Anyone who has done job searching may have written a resume. However, writing an excellent resume that will standout from a heap of resumes submitted to prospective employers is difficult, but not impossible with professional help.

Who can benefit in consulting professionals on how to write an excellent resume?

  • Newly graduates in hospitality with limited experience and want to land a dream hospitality job.
  • Hardworking hospitality professionals with right qualification, skills, and strengths but current resume doesn’t get that anticipated phone call from hiring managers, recruiters and employers.
  • Hospitality professionals who want to change career or pursue a different path in hHospitality industry.
  • Someone who wants to pursue a career in hospitality without experience.

 What can you benefit in consulting professionals on how to write an excellent resume?

  • Broad understanding what hiring managers, recruitment Managers and prospective employers are looking for in a resume.
  • Self-awarenesss and learning to create a personal brand.
  • Knowledge in writing your own excellent resume.
  • One-time investment, as you gain knowledge, you may not need a resume writer in the future when revising your own resume for another job search.


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