If you are interested in studying Spa Management, there several schools/universities everywhere that you can choose from. Of course, you may have ideas what to expect after finishing this course. However, if you are not sure if this is right for you. We will cover the following questions that you may have: What exactly is spa management and what Spa Managers’ do? How to become a Spa Manager? What is the salary and job prospects for spa management graduates?  What are the skills needed in this industry to be successful?

Depending on your personal circumstances, there are two options in studying Spa Management. Either choose an associate degree in Spa Management or bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management with a major or emphasis in Spa Management. As with any other businesses, spa business and management qualifications are evolving. The good thing is, there are professional certifications and continuing education programs out there if you choose to further develop your career.

Online Spa Courses and Spa Management Certificate

There are available online spa courses for busy students or for spa professionals who want to continue their education. When choosing an online course, the same with on-campus education, look for a reputable online schools or organizations with proper accreditation. Check their internship programs and affiliations. Also, the subjects in the program should be relevant. For example, there should be subjects that focus on marketing & promotion, fundamentals of spa management, information on products and treatments, fundamentals of human resources and finance, strategic leaderships and others.

Possible questions to ask when inquiring for schools and programs (of course you can ask more)

  • What are the admissions requirements?
  • Is the University/School/Program/Organization accredited?
  • What are the specific subjects for this program?
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
  • What support team is offered while I am in school or online?
  • What is the cost of tuition and other fees?
  • Does the University/School/Organization offer financial aid?
  • What days and hours are classes held?
  • Can I take a break for personal or career commitments if needed?

What does a Spa Manager do?

As a manager, you are primarily responsible for the entire business and resources. You are also responsible for managing the daily operation of the business, budget, sales and marketing, training and hiring of employees, employee and guests’ relation, product development, promotional campaigns, payroll and vendor payments and other areas to improve the business.

How to become a Spa Manager/Spa Director?

Studying spa management is just the beginning of becoming a Spa Manager. At first, you may start in entry level position such as Spa Receptionist, Spa Attendant, Spa Coordinator etc. Achieving your goal to become a Spa Manager will depend on your attitude and professional development. You must accumulate management and leadership skills as much as possible. Participating in workshops, seminars, training, acquiring mentors or leaders in the business, reading books, subscribing to magazines and related resources to boost your knowledge in the business. Successful Spa Managers/Directors has a certain degree of emotional intelligence, ability to handle crisis and problems in a calm manner, has great listening skills, strategic and ability to recruit highly qualified spa professionals. Of course, these are not the only skills and expertise to be successful. Having successful mentors in this business may help you pave your way to success as well.

Working environment for Spa Professionals

The business aspect of the job is quite demanding and stressful. However, being in a spa with a relaxing environment may help decrease the stress. Overall, if you are passionate about spa management, this profession is rewarding and fulfilling.

Salary and job prospect

 According to payscale.com (based on their salary survey) the average Spa Managers in United States average is around $40K. According to national salary data, it is from $26,499 – $56,584 or from $22,120 to S59, 180. The highest compensation is paid to those working in larger metropolitan areas and resort locations. The spa industry is expected to grow little during the period between 2012 and 2022.