Just a random search on Google reports that there are over 8000 hospitality jobs in New york city alone-  give or take a few hundreds with respect to what exactly you are looking for, the numbers still are substantial. Now what are your chances?

You have to answer some questions while being mindful of the fact that this niche is driven completely by consumers of service in the industry. Your ability to handle an irate guest, handle an emergent situation in the premises, going that extra mile to ensure your guests leaving you happy are considered accomplishments .Now how is that going to be visible elsewhere else ?

Further, are you also going to live in the bubble that you are the very best there is?

Food for thought indeed. How do you go from here? You network. You make attempts to meet and interact with a group of like-minded qualified individuals in your domain; you first carefully build a database of personal and professional contacts.

Networking would help enhance your knowledge on the job; open up other prospective areas of work, or catch the word of a much better opportunity just as soon as the word is out.

Whichever way it works for you; here is how you can begin-

Establish a sound digital presence

Build your profile slowly across relevant forms of social media; start making your presence felt. Reach out to your contacts, post relevant interesting tit-bits that can easily catch ones eye. Today; events and groups are also listed online which you could make yourself a part of. Circulation of details of an event attended can also help gain more attention. In short this is a long standing exercise that has to be meticulously carried out.

Track events online and offline

With the growth of the industry happening by leaps and bounds there certainly would be a lot of events and do s conducted by industry insiders especially as the season approaches. Make yourself a regular visitor in these; sooner or later you would find yourself running in known faces.

Make a list and track industry professionals

All right that is not meant to sound creepy!  Experts in the industry will certainly have a lot to share across different forums- online and offline. As and when you can catch up on what you have lost out on from what came from such stalwarts. Make an approach and slowly focus some form of mentoring that you can undertake.