Best Hospitality Job Boards Worldwide

Hospitality job boards are great places to start when searching for jobs in hospitality industry. These job boards feature hundreds to thousands of jobs in hospitality that are updated regularly and posted directly by employers. Most job boards are free for job seekers to register and apply for any job postings.

To enhance your job search, you may want to check these job boards for any features and tools that can help you save time. For example, instead of going to their websites often to see new postings, you can download their apps on your smart phone to get relevant job alerts or follow them in social media for job updates through notifications. Another thing that you can do, is customize your profile after your register to get job updates and relevant job alerts in your email.

Here is non-exhaustive list of hospitality job boards:


Hospitality job board that features significant numbers of jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants, events management and other hospitality businesses worldwide. Employers who advertise in Hcareers include well-known brands in hospitality industry.


Hospitality networking portal and job board featuring worldwide jobs in the industry. Hosco also features significant number of internship jobs around the world for hospitality students/graduates. There are available courses in their website for those who want to enhance professional skills in hospitality. 

Hospitality Online

A job board with other features dedicated to employers such as assessment tool, applicant tracking system and onboarding platform. Job seekers can search hospitality jobs around the world from well-known brands in hospitality industry.

Hospitality Crossing

Job aggregator that gathers hospitality job postings around the world. The jobs available in Hospitality Crossing may be also available in other job boards. You may need to sign up first, before you can browse more jobs.

Job portal for job seekers in Canada and United States. It features jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.


A hospitality job board that features hospitality jobs in hotels, restaurants, casino, etc., and internships jobs across Europe.


Niche job board dedicated to hospitality job seekers in United States. It features jobs in hotels, resorts and restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. Job seekers can manage their job search with this job board’s resources such as delivery of most important or relevant positions based on job seeker’s unique preferences.


Advertises thousands of jobs from hospitality employers worldwide, including well-known hospitality brands. Job seekers may appreciate the easy and quick job search, job alerts, saved and managed jobs features of their website.

Culinary Agents

Networking portal, with career related information about hospitality industry. It also features hospitality jobs specifically for food and beverage in the hospitality industry. According to their website, although they offer job board across US and globally, the automatic distribution, applicant matching, management and messaging system sets them apart from other job boards.

One World 365

Features significant number of jobs and other opportunities in more than a hundred destination. Although their focus is not only hospitality jobs, their website features jobs in hospitality on temporary basis, including internships. One World 365 also features volunteer jobs around the world. A great place for hospitality students and graduates to gain experience while traveling.

Top Job Search Aggregators

Aside from hospitality focus job boards, you can also search hospitality jobs from job search aggregators. So, what are job aggregators? Job aggregators are generally search engine for job ads. It gathers job postings from job boards and consolidate them into searchable interface. Job aggregators may be useful if you want to go through all jobs in one go or get an idea what jobs are out there for you. All job aggregators mentioned on the list below have mobile apps and other social media features.

Here is non-exhaustive list of job aggregators:

Perhaps the most popular and the largest of all job search aggregators. Easy to use; you can search jobs by location and keywords. It has company reviews of employers posting jobs, it allows you to compare approximate salaries by location, you can also search certifications (helpful if you think you need one for the job you are applying) and other relevant features. Once you sign in and customized your profile, you will receive job alerts on relevant jobs that you may be interested.

An online employment marketplace that actively connect employers and job seekers. According to their website, they have over 9 million active job postings available for search. Job seekers can check and compare estimate salaries in specific location. Also, you can customize your profile to receive jobs in your email that match your qualifications.

Easy to use job aggregator with comprehensive search engine location-wise. Their website also features salary estimator, resume builder, guide in writing resumes, cover letters and interview preparation.

The most popular professional social media networking site. Once you build your profile, you can search jobs by location and keywords; it will pull and consolidate job postings from thousands of companies. You can also customize your profile to receive relevant job alerts.

Has thousands of job listings worldwide. One of the oldest job aggregators that expanded into to a global provider of career management, job seeking, recruitment and talent management products and services. Their website features salary tools, resume help and career advice.

Job Boards for Cruise Ship Jobs

If you are interested to work in cruise ships, there are job boards dedicated to this sector in hospitality. Here are few top job boards, by no means, not an exhaustive list:

All Cruise Jobs
One of the biggest job boards within the cruise line industry. Job seekers can sign up and search for jobs. It also features career advice, resume writing and list of recruiters/ cruise ship employers.

A job board that features jobs in cruise ships, yacht crew, resorts and tour guide jobs.

Features significant numbers of jobs in cruise ships, such as in culinary, food and beverage, casino, HR, Sales, beauty hotel management, and others.

Job Boards for Cabin Crew

If you are interested to work as a cabin crew member, here is non-exhaustive list of job boards for this sector in hospitality:

Features airline jobs including in airline including airline food services, marketing, reservation, flight attendants etc., in United States.
A job board dedicated to jobs in aviation, including cabin crew. You can upload your resume or sync your LinkedIn account, search jobs and receive job alerts.

As mentioned, these are not exhaustive list of hospitality job boards and job aggregators. When searching for jobs, you may check all your options, but be smart on spending time on any tool which is not working for you. Here are more job boards and job aggregators that you can check and see if it works for you.

More hospitality job boards:

  1. JobsOnTheMenu
  2. Gap Year Hospitality Jobs
  3. Employment
  4. Hozpitality
  5. Hotelcareer
  6. Hotelleriejobs
  7. eHotellier
  8. Gastrojobs
  9. Poachedjobs
  11. Snagajob

More job aggregators:

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Careerbuilder
  3. LinkUp
  4. Google for Jobs
  5. Trovit

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