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Resume Writing Services for Hospitality Professionals

Your hospitality resume has the power to open or close job opportunities for you. Although, resume is not the only integral part in your job search, but it plays a very important part. Hospitality Career Focus is expert in hiring and screening thousands of resumes in hospitality industry, we know what resume works and what needs improvement. Our resume writing service is personalized and suited for your individual needs and job you are applying for.

Get Your Free Resume Review in 3 Steps

Upload your resume in PDF or Word Document.

We analyze the content and design of your resume. Is it easy to read, simple and organized? Have you highlighted your objective and achievements? Is your writing clear? Are you using correct punctuation, tone and grammar tenses? Is it application tracking (ATS) friendly?

We will respond with objective feedback on how to improve your resume. (Due to the number of resumes we receive for review; we may be able to respond in 3 to 4 days after receiving your request).

Job Interview Coaching for Hospitality Professionals

Congratulations! After sending several copies of your professional resume, you finally get that phone call. You have a scheduled job interview. Perhaps after you process the joy and excitement, another feeling of dread follows. The thought of going through a job interview is scary and intimidating. Stop worrying, you’re going to be fine. Hospitality Career Focus is here to help you nail that job interview!

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Career Coaching for Hospitality Professionals

Career coaching is a solution-based approach, a process of helping clients assess professional situations, sometimes including personal, in order to achieve their career goals. Resume building, interview coaching, career planning, skill assessment and career consulting are all part of career coaching. A career coach is an accountability partner, he/she helps identify your goals and aligns with what you want to achieve, honors you as an expert of your field, listens and guides you in expressing your goals; may prompt, lead, and ask difficult questions for you to gain clarity in achieving your goals. A career coach is a collaborator and empowers you into self-discovery, hold you responsible in your successes and reaching your full potential, focuses on the ‘now’ and moving forward.

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Who Can We Help With Career Coaching?

If you answer Yes to any of the following:

  • You are a recent graduate who wants to pursue a career in hospitality industry but has no experience in writing a resume for hospitality, feeling worried about first interview, not sure where to start with job search and other situations that are overwhelming.
  • You are working in hospitality industry for few years and ready to grow, looking for promotion, new opportunities or you want to transition to other industry but has not updated your resume, not sure which of your skills are transferable and what’s the job outlook for the opportunity you are looking for.
  • You are an experienced hospitality professional, a leader, mentor or expert in your field who wants to boost your life and career.
  • You are a hospitality professional who feels stuck and no longer feel inspired and energized in the job.
  • You are working in other industry and wants to transition into hospitality industry.
  • You are interested in pursuing a career in hospitality but not sure if this is the right career for you.
  • You are currently working in hospitality industry and looking for ways to improve on the job you already have.

Why Hire Hospitality Career Focus?

  • Hospitality Career Focus is an expert in hiring diverse workforce in the hospitality industry. We screen thousands of applications and hire thousands of hospitality professionals, either independently or with hospitality companies. We know what resume/ applications works and what doesn’t.
  • We have the credentials, credibility, career industry expertise and experience. We are a member of Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.
  • We genuinely understand your situation.
  • We are current in our knowledge in hospitality industry and its hiring process.
  • We provide a personalized service regardless if you only need help polishing your resume, solve an immediate problem in your career or need help with long term career goals.


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