Professional resume intended for applying jobs in hospitality industry should be simple, easy to read and specific to the job you are applying. The content of your resume is the most important component, but design also matters. A well design resume highlights key sections, your skills, work experience, education, certificates, and licenses if applicable.

Creating a highly readable resume may need several techniques such as the following: easy to scan headings, lots of white space that makes text easier to read, using bullets to break down information into readable sections, limited number of fonts, consistent spacing, selective use of bold letters and no underlining of texts to highlight information that you may need to emphasize. Instead, use different font size for this information.

Keep in mind that your resume may have to go first, through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before it reaches the human eyes of recruiters/hiring managers/employers. Applicant tracking system will convert your resume to a format searchable by Recruiters/Human Resources/ Hiring Managers. There are many applicant tracking systems  out there, and we do not know for certain what tracking system the company that you are applying a job used, and customized for their needs.

Most ATS are not able to read or convert resume with a lot of graphics, excessive use of horizontal and vertical lines. Also, correct keywords of the job may help with searchability of your resume. So, when you apply for a job posting, check the job description for keywords. For example, if you are applying for hotel front desk agent and one of the skills needed is knowledge in ‘Opera Hotel Management System (PMS)’, instead of just writing ‘opera system’, you may have to write the whole name of the system as per job description.

Hospitality Career Focus offers Resume Writing Services, however, if you prefer to write and create your own resume, we compile helpful websites with tools online to help you create a job specific resume. Please note, if you are building your resume on a template, do not copy the sample job descriptions, summary, objective etc.,. The resume template should only be a guide on how to present your resume. Recruiters/ Hiring Managers/HR will know if you copy and paste information.

Also, during interview process, the interviewers will ask you about some information written in your resume. You may not be able to provide information the interviewers needed, if you are not truthful while writing and creating your resume.

You are welcome to submit your own resume creation to us for FREE feedback and review.

Here is non-exhaustive list of resume builders and sample templates providers:

Offers resume builder, sample resumes and templates for hospitality jobs such as waiters/servers, barista, concierge, front desk agent, restaurant managers, sommelier, recreation attendant and more.

 My Perfect Resume

Allows you to create resume and cover letters through its online resume builder and cover letter builder. It has resume samples and templates that you can customize according to the job you are applying.

Live Career

Offers sample resumes that you can build and customize. It has sample resumes of front desk clerk, guest service representative, room attendant, housekeeper and other jobs in hospitality.

Resume Now

Provides example guide of professional hospitality resume and other helpful resume writing tips. It has resume and cover letters samples and templates, job listings and job resources.

Resume Worded

Has AI-powered resume checker that scores your resume for ATS compatibility. Its platform analyzes the job description and identifies keywords and skills missing from your resume. Also, it has available ATS friendly resume templates, cover letters and other products for job search.

Interview Preparation for Hospitality Jobs

So, after sending several copies of your professional resume, you finally get that phone call. Congratulations! You have a scheduled job interview. Now, what? This is perhaps the question that could go through your mind after the initial joy and excitement.

Preparation is the key in succeeding any job interview. First, if the job description is available online or from the job posting where you applied, study it. If not available, ask for the job description. The recruiter/employer representative should provide this to you before the interview.

Second, research the company and check for any current news or write ups. For example, if you have a scheduled interview as Restaurant Manager for a newly opened restaurant; by finding out more about this new restaurant and understanding what  you can do to run it successfully, may earn you a lot of points or even get you hired for the job.

Third, know who the key people are, or the person you would report to. It’s remarkable when you know your potential co-workers by name. 

Fourth, do a research for possible interview questions of the position you applied. Go through them, write down your response to the questions and study before the interview. Be careful though, when you search interview questions in Google for example, there are many articles/blogs offering tips on how to answer interview questions, and its overwhelming. Don’t be overwhelm. You do not need to memorize the answers to these questions.

Fifth, search the interview questions for specific job, for example, “Restaurant Manager interview questions”, instead of “interview question tips” or “how to answer job interview questions.”

There are many different types of interviews, few of these types may apply when seeking an employment in hospitality industry. These are behavioral interview, situational interview, structured interview, competency-based interview, talent-based interview, case interview and others.

Regardless which type of interview you must go through, what the hospitality employer is looking for are the following: customer service and communication skills (verbal and some written depending on the job), teamwork skills, work ethics or professionalism, problem solving skills, initiative and company culture fit. The bottom line is, the interview is all about you, and what you can do to help your potential employer run his/her business successfully. 

There are other helpful tips on how to prepare for your interview including what to do during the interview in our blog/career advice section.

If you are not confident or sure on how to go with your interview preparations, Hospitality Career focus offers  Job Interview Coaching Sessions with a career coach. You can benefit with a mock interview practice and other helpful tips and advice before your interview.

However, if you prefer to hone your skills in job interview, we compile few resources to help you succeed in your job interview.


Has “Job Interview Skills Training Course”. You can view and listen to the course content video for free. However, you may need to pay for certificate of completion, instructor Q&A and instructor direct message. If your goal is only to learn the skills by viewing and listening to the course, no need for you to pay for this course.


A job search and interview resource website. Provides interview preparation guide, possible interview questions and answers, as well as guide by job title and other resources.

Job Interview Questions

Provides possible questions for hospitality jobs in front office, food and beverage, guest services, reservations, and other job tiles in hospitality.

Interview Expert Academy

Interview resource that covers interview preparations, interview mistakes, common interview questions and other helpful articles.


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