Career Coaching Program For Hospitality Professionals

Hospitality Career Focus – HOSCAF career coaching program for hospitality professionals is a query and solution-based approach, a process of helping clients assess professional situations, sometimes including personal, to achieve career goals. Resume building, interview coaching, skill assessment, career consulting, career development planning and management, are part of our career coaching approach.

Who Can We Help With Our Career Coaching Program?

  • New hospitality or related field graduates approaching the hospitality job market, with no job search experience, who may be looking for future career option.
  • Hospitality professionals who are on job search campaign but no result.
  • Hospitality professionals who are planning to transition into different industry, but not sure which skills are transferrable and what’s the career and job outlook outside of hospitality.
  • Hospitality professionals who are looking for ways to improve and grow on the job they already have, with goals such as promotion, department transfer and salary raise.
  • Experienced hospitality professionals who feel stuck, burnout, no work-life balance and no longer feel inspired and energized in the job.

If you are in a different situation and want to know if we can help you?

Benefits Of Our Career Coaching Program

  • You will gain clarity and focus in your career goals.
  • You can make informed decisions about your career trajectory.
  • You will gain confidence and motivation to succeed.
  • You will get personalized and expert guidance tailored to your specific situation.
  • You will gain accountability partner in your career journey.
  • Self-awareness of where you are with your career and your value professionally and personally, moving forward.
  • Expressing your career dreams and fears, desire, goals, and inspiration in a safe environment.

What To Expect From Our Career Coaches?

  • Our Certified Professional Career Coaches are facilitators, motivators, accountability partners, and collaborators in your career journey.
  • They help you identify your goals and aligns with what you want to achieve, guides you in expressing your career goals, may prompt, lead, and ask difficult questions for you to gain clarity in achieving your goals.
  • Our Career Coaches work with you and empowers you into self-discovery, hold you responsible in your successes and reaching your potential, focuses on the ‘now’ and moving forward.
  • Expect your Career Coach to provide you with assignments, workbooks, do research and plenty of self-reflections.
  • Career Coaches will NOT do all the work for you.
  • Your Career Coach will assist you with your career challenges and job application process but will not do it for you.
  • Don’t expect not to be challenged.
  • Our Career Coaches will not work with you if you are not coachable.


Why Hire Coaches from Hospitality Career Focus – HOSCAF?

  • Our Career Coaches are certified, credible, and experts in Human Resources, Recruitment, Succession Planning, Career Development and Management in hospitality industry.
  • We value high ethical standards in our coaching practice.
  • We provide personalized services regardless if you only need polishing your resume, solve immediate problem in your career or need help with long term career goals.
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